Small Brother and the Canadian set off early to go to my mum’s house. My mum had a class to go to and they went to look after Small Z (who had stayed the night) to give us a break. SO HAPPY! M and I had a startlingly leisurely morning with Small DB, getting a few things done around the house.

We left to meet them and had a good drive in. Just as we were to arrive Small DB started looking glazed in the back and we thought we would keep driving in the hope she would have a nap. We reached Hampton and she began making strange little coughing noises…

And then threw up copiously. Poor little thing. Serendipitously were were out the front of L’s mother’s Book Shop. I dashed in with a dripping Small DB and cleaned her up in the bathroom upstairs. Then we had time for a browse and a few purchases!

It was the birthday of SWWNBB who arrived for cake and singing in the afternoon. We gave her two books, the titles of which I will not divulge to t’interweb, and a calendar that I had printed out for her that came with the Incredible Year Workbook and Planner…


I had wanted to give her the Incredible Year WorkBook. However…. Printing. I got some quotes for printing out a 76 page full colour document. Prices up to $105 *gasp* I could have bought a colour printer for that… I don’t understand it.

Anyway – my colour printer that M got for me on Freecycle printed out the calendar part very well. It took a while, but it managed it. Just. When I have a spare three hours I will see how it goes with the WorkBook (which is triple the length). Sorry SWWNBB! In the meantime I will email it to you!

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