So this is it. I’ve got through my bleach supplies. There will be no more bleach hitting my scalp after this lot – I do like being a super-blonde (with a possible slight disturbing resemblance to Val Kilmer circa Top Gun…eeeep!) Anyway – until I can afford someone to put in foils or something for me, I’m giving up on slathering my scalp with this stuff – it feels like I’m a secret smoker – it’s poisonous – I doubt it’s doing me any good.

In about four weeks when I start getting cranky with my skanky roots, I am going to hold myself back and either [shudder] reignite my long lost dark mouse brown… or maybe return to the land of red. But whatever I do, it will be more gentle than slathering on peroxide every six weeks. And I’m just putting it out there so it’s harder to recant.