It has been a hard week. After three days in a row of coming home to a house that looked like a bomb had hit it, hard and often, M came home at 4pm to save me. I had some Time To Myself. He cooked dinner. Wrangled the Smalls – and you know what? I got reaquainted with the back-end of this blog. In a non-tawdry way…

I updated to the latest version of WordPress, got tweaking with some plugins and widgets and even busted out PhotoShop and threw together a temporary new title image…in lieu of actually writing an OMG I’VE BEEN BLOGGING HERE FOR TEN YEARS celebratory post. That kind of thing. (Yes. Really.)

I had the best three hours! I forgot how much I love doing all that stuff. I’ve barely touched the mechanics of this site for five years – I am very slow at tweaking design in php, because, um, I don’t know php and I operate on trial and error.

WordPress, since I began using it in…ooooh….I began on Blogger (before Google owned it), moved to MovableType and defected to WordPress sometime in about 2003? Who knows. Who cares? The point is, it has become easier and easier to use. There’s less reason to get your fingers dirty behind the scenes – no need for FTP, you just install plugins within the interface.

Anyway, my point is, I’ve rediscovered my appetite for tweaking. The end.