Some attention please

“Right, let’s get on with it then,” she began stridently, ignoring the fact that she was typing her blog post into a psych file in order to look diligent. “There are things that need to change.”

Like the fact that I have not consciously exercised or stretched in over three months. Sore shoulder? Tick. Numb foot? Tick? Sore arm? Tick. Muscle tone that resembles overcooked lasagne sheets? TICK.

If I successfully wean my Small DB, hopefully it will rid me of being able to use the I’m-too-tired crutch in relation to my wellbeing. Ain’t no one happy if the mama ain’t happy, and an achey floppy mama ain’t happy.

Luckily, the weather is on my side. Beach time! Sand walking! Keeping the outside edges of my feet straight, the pelvis untucked, tummy not sucked in, right shoulder back and chin down. Not much to remember…riiiiight. Thanks Katy.

How hard is it to carve half an hour, broken up here and there, to devote to looking after my physical self? Not hard. But it IS. I can feel myself coming out of a two month train-wreck that began with the conjunctivitis in September. Crabbing my way along. Neglecting to meal-plan, cobbling together lunches, letting the washing win…again.

I need to create myself a bit of structure, a bit of a frame to hang my weeks on. It’s so easy for me to feel overwhelmed by everything I haven’t done. The photos that languish on my hard-drive…they need to be photobooked/scrapbooked…or just bloody printed out and shoved in a cheaparse album. I’m not even going to mention Christmas.

Now we wait. And see if I walk the talk.


Finishing up


Don’t cry over spilt…

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  1. Sam

    Oh I hear ya. It IS hard to find the time! I totally prioritise exercise (well ok most of the time) bit still have barely done a thing in yonks and am paying for it. Between the 10pm, 1am and 4am wake ups and 5am starts, the heat, the constant accident prevention patrol slash clean up slash attending to unending needs that is toddler wrangling… sheesh!! Sorry to rant! Hope you can see the light with the weaning 🙂

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