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Maldon Folk Festival 2012

What a difference a year makes. I haven’t gone back and read (what I recall to be) my anguished post from this time last year. When we went to the Maldon Folk Festival and I felt like I spent the whole time getting Small DB to sleep. I could’ve been any-bloody-where. Saw no music and paid $100 for the privilege.

This year – SO. MUCH. BETTER. It’s nice, in a way, to have last year to measure it against. I’d obviously put the fear of god into M, who asked me to be very clear about our division of child labour this time. It worked out well…

We left early and drove into the city with the caravan in tow. Small Z and M dropped myself and Small DB at Southern Cross Station to catch the 11.15am train. I had learnt my lesson from last year – one hour is the maximum Small DB will tolerate in the car.

I love arriving in Castlemaine by train! Small DB and I took ourselves out to lunch and then hooked up with our other halves… The sky was blue…

Castlemaine. M, DB and Z
Castlemaine Skies

We made it to the Restorer’s Barn – a gorgeous mecca of wonder for anyone into vintage decor! I needed hinges for cupboards in my caravan. Success!!!

Castlemaine Restorers Barn - Hinges

Couldn’t find any matching handles though, so I need to do more thinking in that regard.

Castlemaine Restorers Barn

Small DB fell asleep on M as we walked back toward the car.

Passed out in Castlemaine
Castlemaine - My Little Allstart Noodle!

He’d left the rig parked very picturesquely…

Castlemaine - My rig!

Maldon is only about fifteen minutes, if that, from Castlemaine. So Small DB slumbered on as M and I dicked around trying to find a campsite at the festival…too slopey…too uneven…not enough room for our friends…too near the road… Eventually an older couple took pity on us and told us to occupy the flat space in front of their van. We did.

E and D arrived with their Smalls a bit later on.

The camp.

The Smalls all ate dinner together in the caravan. Cute.

Caravan Dinner - first night

I even got away with E one evening for an hour or so and saw an reunited acapella band from the 1990s – Salvation Jane – do a show in the Anglican Church. We had also managed to do a harmony workshop with them earlier in the day…. I lost my voice for two days after that effort…

a capella final song

Going out at night and doing something fun? Unheard of. This is largely due to the way I have parented my kids – Small DB still needs me at night to go to sleep. But I can see (clearly now the rain has gone…) that this is probably only going to continue for another four months or so. The mind boggles…


We camped for three nights at the festival, and at about 8pm on two of those nights the four Smalls were dancing down the front of the stage in the Guiness Tent to whoever was playing. Small Z was busting her moves and Small DB was just joyous – she was thrilled by the whole situation. Ice-cream was a big feature for the Smalls…

Ice cream!

We had a swing hanging from a tree at the campsite that garnered a lot of attention. It was lovely to spend a few days with our friends, rather than a few hours, as is our norm. Our Smalls are both only weeks apart in age, and E and I have been pregnant in tandem twice. Not this time!! She is round and beautiful and has about six weeks to go…

We all went our separate ways during Sunday. I walked into town under a deliciously warm sun with Small DB asleep in the pram. I went to Penny School and saw two different bands…and had a short nap on the grass outside before treating myself to a truly excellent iced coffee…

Penny School. A great venue.

…and then I was discovered by M and Small Z…a lovely entrance! 🙂

Z and her Dadda enter Penny School

On reflection, I don’t think I actually really relaxed until I’d had that time on my own. Something in me shifted down a gear or two from the frenetic pace of working two days off the back of two sick Smalls and then packing like a fiend the day before we left… I felt better…slower…

Unlike last year, we spent almost zero time at the Main Stage on the last day, which was good. It was too hot, too dusty, and there were other things on that we were all keen to see. We wandered around together on the last night of the festival in between the two main performance tents and the kids got another dance in…

DB and Me - Maldon Folk Festival

Sunday night – the other Smalls were struck by the vomit-bug that Small DB had had the previous weekend. I couldn’t believe we could have still been infectious…but that put an end to the plans we had to stay an extra night in Daylesford together. They headed home.

We had hoped (as we had last year) to go back to Jubilee Lake…but it was booked out. We were going to go to the other Daylesford campground…but scored a better offer from the Awesomely Awesome Tania and Adam…

The latter is someone from my long ago childhood – we have done many camping trips together when under the age of eleven or so… Unfortunately I barely saw him – I thought he had the next day off work and went to bed early with the Smalls, expecting to see him in the morning… Whoops! Sorry Adam!! You’ll have to invite us back 😉

Caravan through the trees

We did get to hang out with lovely Tania though – she appears to be (like M) part Labrador…knows everyone and what’s going on around and about… She gave us a great tour around town and also showed us their block of land with the frame of their new house in place. Ohhhh – I covet a strawbale house!! Meanwhile…Small Z and her new best friend climbed dirt piles…and trampolined…

Zoe & Charlie - Up on top.
Trampolining in Daylesford

By the end of our visit, M, who would never previously consider living in Dayleford, was actually wavering (nicely done, Tania!)…

We drove toward home in a hopeful frame of mind…but the screamfest kicked in around Bacchus Marsh and M (who I have since discovered tempts her into the pram with promises of lollipops – I wondered why I never had much luck in this regard) put Small DB in the pram and got her to sleep. Stuffed her back in the car, still sleeping, and Oh. My. GOD! We made it all the way home. I was so glad not to have to get back on the train…

Two Smalls in the Trailer






  1. So glad that you had a wonderful time this year, it sounded great.

  2. Ah…thank you 🙂 It really was a lot better.

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