Seepi’s comment and link inspired me to post more about my Adventures in Yoghurt. The link she gave was actually one of the ones that inspired me to abandon the Easiyo and go out into the uncharted waters of DIY. I’ve made it four times now, and I think I’ve got a winner…

I’ve been using my slow cooker. I buy two litres of Macro Organic Milk from Woolworths – huge evil supermarket, yes, I konw – at a cost of $2.18 a litre. I tip it into the slow cooker insert and then microwave it for five minutes. (If I was using raw milk I wouldn’t do this, but as it’s already been pasturised etc. I’m guessing it won’t make much difference?)

I then stick it in the slow cooker, turn it on high, and leave it for over two hours. It gets a skin on top – which I eat (I used to do this to gross out L when I made her hot milo. I can sense her shuddering as I type this.)

This knowledgable Seth person and all the commenters on this post were inspiring. It appears you get thicker yoghurt if you keep the milk hot up to three hours.

(Excuse any typos – I am extremely tired.) I have no thermometer, but if I can keep my finger in the milk for 30 seconds without screaming, I add half a cup of leftover yoghurt (you can freeze some for backup) and stir it though. I then wrap up the slow cooker bowl with lid on in a blanket and put it in a insulated shopping bag, with a heat pack. And leave it overnight.

I have found that dumping it into a bit of old clean sheet when it’s done and letting the whey run out – just for ten minutes or so, helps heaps to thicken it. Then I put it in a jar. Voila! I haven’t tried the Little Eco Footprints suggestion of a few drops of calcium chloride, but I will do, when I get hold of some.

I haven’t measured the jar I put the yoghurt in, but I’m guessing I get just under two litres. That’s cheaper than using Easiyo – organic or otherwise. The time I have used non-organic milk it did turn out a little more sour, but still fine. I will have to experiment further…

I keep the whey for the Soaked Oatmeal (Porridge) Recipe from Nourished Kitchen.