A milestone. And Peggy.

Almost normal. Although there is no real ‘normal’. But we usually feel in the minority, as it seems almost everyone else has car friendly kids. Today we drove for over an hour in the car to go and purvey the new digs of our lovely friends. From Hastings to North Coburg. Small DB did not make a peep on the way there, and…wait for it…

She SLEPT on the way back. Slept. In the car. This is such a milestone outing for us, and one that I am probably making far too much of. But it was so incredibly relieving to arrive at our destination unsavaged by screaming, and even more amazing to arrive home similarly intact.

We have not visited our friends at home for over a year because the drive would have been too revolting and public transport would have been an elongated headfuck. They have very kindly visited us MANY times and it was so wonderfully revolutionary for us to finally visit them – and particularly for us to get an eyeful of their new abode.

Thank you, Mr, Mrs. and Master H. You gave us a wonderful lunch. It feels like we made progress today and got a glimpse of the future outside baby-land.

And we ALL love Small DB’s birthday book…

…she requested it twice in a row tonight 🙂




Let your fingers do the talking

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  1. jess

    oh my, what to say, you must be feeling great!!! It was going to happen one day, and today was the day, woo hoo!

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