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I type with no little sense of awe. Small DB, a kid that has been fed to sleep every night of her life, wanted to go into bed with Small Z tonight. I turned off the light and started a Paddington story. She wouldn’t let me leave, so I lay down next to them both. We all had a cuddle. Her breathing became regular…she woke back up to ask for her monkey…and then back to sleep.

I lay there in mute shock for about ten minutes. She is fully clothed. *shrugs* Gotta go with it. I have had no voice for the last few days. She and I have been sleeping out in the caravan – which is now difficult as we left the baby monitor in Emerald on the weekend. I don’t feel I can get her to sleep out there and then leave her when I’m unable to hear her… She is snuffly – so it’s probably for the best that this evening evolved the way it did.

My ill health has made me more scatty than normal. Yesterday I cooked noodles in the sugar water I had put aside for kefir – tonight I got together all the ingredients for vegetarian lasagne. Did I have lasagne sheets? I did not. Right now I have something I will call ‘Hopeful Lasagne’ in the oven – I chucked a few handfuls of leftover noodles in there – it’s more like a pudding. Am hoping that M will be so hungry by the time he gets home, he will just be happy that there’s something hot…

Oh! And it was a THREE EGG DAY!!! πŸ™‚




The ways I have been a hippy this week

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  1. Congrats I hope it continues to go well for you πŸ™‚

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