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Last night, I dreamt that one of the chickens had laid an egg… This morning the Smalls went to check on the situation. Our hens are young (have never laid before) and it is Winter (not a good time for laying).

Hoping that chooks laid their first egg. #4yo #23mo #morning

However…Feathery (the daffiest and flighty of the chooks), laid us our first egg. The joy and celebration! The Smalls argued over who got to hold it until I whisked it (sorry) away from them for few they would break it.

EGG! An egg!!! #firstegg #cluck #4yo #23mo

So perfect and so…well…alien. This CAME OUT OF one of our feathery pets! Totally awesome – but when I think about it…ODD.

We fried it immediately and they ate half each while MWB looked on via Skype. I was pleased to see that the shell was quite robust – the level of calcium that they eat contributes to strong shells. You don’t want your eggshells soft as the chook can then become eggbound – not a place we want to go.

I have great eggspectations for tomorrow morning! It’s shopping day and I don’t want to put eggs on the list!


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  1. jess mitchell

    yay, first egg! May there be plenty more:)

  2. Cool so neat. Wish we could do that here.

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