Tip Shop Triumph

Two sunny days in a row and I’m feeling almost human. We took a trip to the tip shop – I had an urge to go there. We dragged our friends along.

At the entrance were lots of stone Buddhas and Hindu gods that you can buy to put in your garden or, um outdoor shrine… Small Z was intrigued and pointed at one;

“What’s that, mama?”

“I think that’s a sort of Hindu statue.”

“What’s a Hindu?”

“Ah…someone who believes in Hinduism.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s a religion.”

“What’s religion?”

[this is where I start to flounder a little…]

“Ummm. It’s when people believe in something that they can’t see.”

[I’m feeling quite happy with this summation, being both simple, and largely true…but I can see that despite my pithiness, the existence of the Hindu statue is still unexplained. And Small Z is waiting…]

“So…because they can’t see the thing or person they believe in, they draw or paint or make STATUES of what they think it might look like.”

But she’s over it now and we walk inside. Where I instantly see a tiny retro-style refrigerator that will be perfect for my caravan. Brand? Waeco (= kickass). My religion is Serendipity. It’s both 12volt and 240volt. Perfecto. It’ll fit milk, butter and a beer or two.
My Tiny Fridge!

I got an old frypan to feed the chooks their food in (no fried chicken jokes please), some bigass old metal spoons for thier molasses and minced stinky garlic, a dress for Small Z and that’s about it. J gots a yoghurt maker and a tricycle.

We spent some quality time at a park that probably had a few too many ducks and then drove home without a meltdown. Sunny days. They’re the key to me surviving this time of year. Little day-sized lozenges of antidepressant – to get me through the next lot of gloomy meteorological predictions.

Snacking in the park
Early al fresco dinner. Winter.

Finished off the day with a BBQ dinner outdoors before the chill really set in. Decided we were overdue for some STEAK.


Feathery, Daphne and Grass…




  1. It’s always nice when you score in the op-shop, glad you found something.

  2. Jess

    love the photos, tricycle may will return to the tip as all it does is tip -over. YOu got the find of the day/week/month 🙂

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