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Feathery, Daphne and Grass…

In my new approach to my situation (subtitled: Don’t Wait Until the Boat’s Finished – DO IT NOW!) I went out last Saturday and bought us three chickens. Am thrilled with self.

Plans for this have been Small Z’s kindergarten teacher put us on to a free chicken coop that has been tweaked and downsized by M. I have bought straw, molasses, mixed grain, shellgrit and two heavy old saucepans for water vessels. We are now correspondingly poorer…but for a good cause.

One thing I hadn’t counted on was having to keep them (ahem) cooped up for a week…but of course we have had to – if we just plopped them out in the backyard they would have been totally discombobulated and probably have flown away.

So this week has been about giving them their little routine and keeping them confined to quarters. I am so longing for a still, sunny day where we can sit out the back and have some bonding time. The weather has been of fleeting sunshine, huge gusts of wind and general chill. Over it.

Chooks first morning.

The names? Each girl in the family got to pick a name for our new girls: Small Z’s is called ‘Feathery’, Small DB’s is ‘Grass’ and mine is ‘Daphne’. They are lovely – I am SO looking forward to having some chook time with them – the coop is a bit small to get in and cuddle them in any comfort. The funny thing is, I’ve been so thrilled by them that for a while, I forgot that they might actually lay us some eggs!

I thought that their dinner last night looked very pretty with Small Z’s additions of dandelions….

Chooks dinner. Gourmet!

Pictures of Feathery, Daphne and Grass to come, once they are free ranging…


Can I go home now? Alone?


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  1. Sam

    Woohoo! Love the carpe diem approach. And the chickies, of course… and how cute are those names! I wonder if chooks could be seafaring creatures? You could always sail them up here when the time comes! Hope you are all feeling a lot better too…

  2. I’ve always had a hankering to raise chickens but since I’ve never lived in the country it’s a no-go

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