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Long lost

It was easily at least two months ago that I was due to catch up with my dear friend E. She and her Smalls and sometimes her Other Half have visited here far more than we have gone to them. Last time they came here I promised that we would visit their home in Emerald. We locked in a date for late May – after both of our birthdays…

Then I took the Smalls to Loch and realised that the drive would just be a disaster. There is no public transportation that would take us anywhere near them in less than three hours. I felt horrible, but I bailed…

And in the meantime my lovely friend became pregnant and the school holidays rolled around again. They visited us yesterday and it was SO GOOD to catch up! Our kids are almost exactly the same ages. Small Z and Small E are a month apart. Small DB and Small O are three weeks apart. It was gorgeous to watch them all reacquaint with each other…and it was particularly nice for me to have a WHOLE DAY to natter with my mate.

Actually – at the beginning of the day I had two extra Smalls to look after – which was great fun! They were still here when E and her two arrived – so we had a house full of kids. Noisy and chaotic and a good buzz going on. Complemented by cups of tea…

The band

A whole day to hang out together with mostly agreeable children…we even got some sunshine and a visit to the park. In regard to E and myself – our lives are spiralling in ways we that we could not have predicted. How things will transpire in the near future is also a little cloudy. We have a similar ethos and would love to live closer to each other, but reality has ruled otherwise. We have to take our time where we can grab it. I am hoping that I will be able to be more helpful when her new babe arrives – I *won’t* be pregnant this time!

On the porch


Trains, Trains, Trains. Rains, Rains, Rains.


Can I go home now? Alone?


  1. Meegs

    E & D going back for a third??? Good for them! x

  2. Nice to be able to keep up with close friends πŸ™‚

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