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Trains, Trains, Trains. Rains, Rains, Rains.

Our lovely friends, Mr and Mrs H, booked a weekend in a house in Lake Eppalock and invited us to stay. We were made aware of this at least three months ago. I blithely assumed Small DB would have outgrown her car angst in the duration. Wrong.

I therefore concocted A Plan. I established that we would get two trains into the city – hang out and have a Day of Adventure, stay at our friend Rach’s house in Collingwood – and then get on the train to Bendigo in the morning. The trip to Bendigo was going to take two hours – but as I examined the map, I realised that Heathcote was equidistant to our final destination – but the train journey there was much quicker – only 45 minutes. (It is only in retrospect that I mutely marvel at my idiocy – and pathetic hope…)

We woke up on the beginning morning of our adventure. It was pouring with rain. M rallied me with suggestions of arcades and shop awnings and the museum – and then put us on the train. There was no turning back. I had packed a constellation of snacks and our journey was uneventful.

I loved taking Small Z through the arcades and looking in at the fancy stuff in shop windows. We were stymied occasionally by the pram and I have great sympathy for people in wheelchairs – particularly at Parliament Station where the signage for the lift is so atrocious that it took ages for us to find it. And still it rained…

Small DB slept like an angel in the pram, covered by my coat. Small Z trudged through the city like a total champ – walking all the way from Flinders Street to Melbourne Central, with many detours in between. We dug out my David Jones $50 voucher, gifted to the Smalls by lovely T and bought DB a pair of much needed winter boots.

There was a great sale on and we were the only people in the kids shoe department. Small DB – lover of shoes, had a ball. Small Z had to be convinced out of some plastic flowered sandals… Why is it that kids go for the most garish and badly made crud sometimes? It’s the colours, surely.

Red Shoes. City station.

Lunch was had in a somewhat grubby joint in the Walk Arcade – it was big, so no one noticed/cared when I pulled out rolls for us to eat with the berry smoothie I’d got for the Smalls and the cup of tea I’d ordered for myself.

Berry smoothy satisfaction
Berry smoothy satisfaction

After lunch and shoes Small DB eventually conked it in the pram and we journeyed (in the still pouring rain – it rained ALL day) to the museum. Small Z re-aquainted herself with the dinosaur exhibition. Small DB awoke in the Discovery Centre and got to look at multitudes of dead birds, rodents, sea creatures etc in the various drawers…

Melbourne Museum

Another cup of tea and then we hung out for quite a while in the kids play area. By the time we left it was dark (and still raining). The Smalls were amazing, neither squeaked as we strode through the rain to Parliament Station. I bribed them with snacks as we stood squashed on a rush-hour train. I spoke extremely tersely to the people around us when we needed to get out – I was stuck in the doorway with the pram and no-one was helping…although they did jump to it after being prompted…

We reached Rach’s house and it was a lovely haven. The Smalls loved seeing their friends again. Small Z learnt some magic tricks. Both of them ate some ice-cream. Everything was good except for the bed we slept in – Rach did offer her bed but I was too polite to take her up on it. I should have. The bed we were in was in the middle of the room, four feet off the floor. The Smalls demanded that I be in the middle – thus I lay there for most of the night, with a hand on each of them, ready to stop them plummeting to the floor. Yes, there was a mattress on the floor on Small Z’s side, but I still didn’t want her to roll out of bed. The night was long. But during that time I reflected that I should have got Small DB TWO pairs of shoes at the shoe sale. I decided we would head back there in the morning…


Penny the Platypus


Long lost

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  1. Sounds like the ideal outing I’m glad you all had a grand time of it. I know what you mean about the bed since I have one like that in my spare bedroom. My daughter is leery about putting her small in it as well.

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