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Penny the Platypus

Small Z’s kindergarten has this literacy program that involves each of the kids taking home Penny the Platypus (a handpuppet) for a day or two and documenting the time they spend with Penny. Each kid, with the help of their parents, makes a page or two with some information about what they did with Penny plus drawings, photos, etc.

Poor Small Z – she had to wait so long for her turn because they did it in alphabetical order. But Zara, her name-nemesis, was away and Small Z got to take Penny home earlier than she had thought. There was much joy! Small Z and Penny got along very well…

Penny Platypus & Zoe - just hanging.
Penny the Platypus - in the pulley basket
Penny goes to the Dino-Museum

Of course then Small Z got sick, and Penny had to stay with us for the entire weekend. She was less of a novelty by then, but it was still a great little kindergarten project and I just wanted to document it here to stop it falling into the abyss that used to be my memory before sleep deprivation.


Single-parenting with caravan. In Winter.


Trains, Trains, Trains. Rains, Rains, Rains.

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  1. They do such cool stuff with kids now in kindergarten, either that or you have a great teacher for her.

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