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Getting there…

Of course changing the way my nights go causes ripple effects. Small Z has been a crazy clingbot for a few nights and has been in the big bed as I try to teach Small Z that there is no more snacking in between 11pm and 6am. Luckily, she sleeps like a log.

Our evenings have been cast asunder with two nights of screaming meltdowns from Small Z, followed by two nights of gently negotiated peace. Small DB? Since her nights are changing, she’s not getting enough sleep – but still awakes at 6.30am ready to hang on in there until 1pm. When she wakes I pick her up, feed her, and she puts in another hour as I am pinned under her on the couch, grasping for my book, my drink, my sanity…

The last two days, M has been home, so that has been able to transpire. This has led to her then stayin up until about 9.30pm. Both days I have tried to work. Then I have been able to get nothing done at night because she has to be entertained. And then suddenly, it’s bedtime…

Reminding myself – this is just a short time. It’s all for the best. But… OH MY GOD, I just want some hours to myself to MAKE something on the sewing machine, to fix my jeans, to alter Small DB’s trousers, to even make another chicken.

But must bide my time. I am feeling better in the mornings. Less like something that has been scraped up off the floor and reconstituted with bits of porridge and tea. And Small DB? She’s an angel – a demanding one, but so calm.

“Boo mama! Boo!” It’s the 3am wake-up.
“No baby. Boo’s are sleeping. Time for sleep.”
A Wot Wot storwee mama! Wot Wot storwee…”
Sigh. “OK. Once upon a time…

And then what happens is I fall asleep halfway into the story. I am awoken again. I pull her on top of me and she finally settles. And rolls away of her own accord 15 minutes later. Baby steps.

Tonight is the beginning of the ‘no picking up’ bit of the plan – but I am feeling more confident. The first two nights were the worst. Everything since then has mostly been an improvement. We’re still shaking down – I was up with her at 3.30am this morning for an hour or so because I thought she was hungry…

Please excuse the probably unnecessary detail of my nightweaning strategies. They’re for me to read back on when I don’t have babies anymore. And they are for other people who are looking for examples of the Dr Jay Gordon approach. I would have liked to be able to find a few more to read myself…

I have fond hopes that in about a week we will be settled into a new groove and I will begin to function as a somewhat more productive human again. I’ve actually got a few four or five hour chunks of sleep in the last few nights. And it’s like a drug. I need mooooooore…


Nights Two and Three



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  1. Keep hanging in there, the end is in sight and the rewards many.

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