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Nights Two and Three

The second night of nightweaning Small DB was the same as the first 🙁 Much screaming – for up to an hour. Last night – the third night, there was no screaming. I fed her each time she awoke – and she awoke many, many times – but only for a minute or two. Then I told her it was time to go to sleep. Most of the time she accepted this and just rolled back over.

Sadly, she seems to be getting another cold and this leaves her snuffly and harder to settle. Gah. This stuff is impossible to avoid. At the moment I’m swinging in between doing one more night of super-short feeds or moving forward with the Dr Jay plan and not feeding at all between 11pm and 6am. Now that is going to be a big step – and not a nice one…


Back at it


Getting there…

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  1. Jess

    hey, sounds good, well sounds like your getting there. sending happy sleep vibes 🙂

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