Chickens or bust

Here’s a new song. ‘La la la, I don’t have time for anything, Not even the proactive very useful things, la la la…’ You’ve heard it all before, right? My blogging gaps have been so great of late. How much does this suck? The days are shooting past – it will be the MIDDLE OF THE YEAR IN 28 DAYS. Hello?

There is so little of what I want to do that seems to be achievable. Some of this is my problem – I want to do too much. Put things on eBay!

Now, what was wrong with that sentence? It should read PUT THING ON EBAY. See? Tiny steps and things get done – but I’ve been inert with the thought of trying to DO IT ALL. Stupid inertia.

I was momentarily revitalised by chickens last week. Making them (and dreaming of having some in the backyard) from a great tutorial on Red Ted Art. They are so easy – made from one rectangle of fabric. Heaven.

The chickens are waiting...for me to go to bed.

We have since given the red one away to Small Z’s kindergarten teacher for helping us source a (real) chicken coop for free. The blue stripey one is destined for a recent Small visitor from afar 😉 and the remaining ones belong to the Smalls. They are cute – and quick to make (or I couldn’t have made them). Their mere existence makes me feel like I’ve at least done something that is not related to domesticity and parenting…even though, of course, they are related to both.

Stayed up to make the first chicken a friend... #sewing #chicken

I also got snippy with a pure wool turtleneck sweater and turned it into some floppy housepants for Small Z. If I was a real crafting queen I’d say I ‘upcycled’ or ‘recycled’ – but really, I just used a jumper I can’t wear to make some woolly trousers I can’t buy. She wasn’t 100% today and stayed home from kindergarten (and thus we missed representatives from all the primary schools pimping their programs – it must be fate leading us toward unschooling…) – I say housepants because they are a little bit…um…odd.

Two days ago her trousers were a jumper. #sewing #pants #woollys

But she liked them 🙂 and they are comfortable and warm. Good on a day where it only stopped raining for few ten minute pockets of time. I made Small DB some in fleece. They are equally quirky, but serviceable… Gosh I love being back here, writing something. Now excuse me. I have a toddler to night wean…


Low Key Birthday Me…




  1. Jess

    brillant! your getting me inspired, bring on ‘upcycled’:)

  2. beth

    Your creations ALWAYS amaze! This might be because you use patterns instead of guesswork… Still need to try out your instructions with my next fleecy pair!

  3. Clever you, the chickens are brilliant and so is using the sweater for the pants.

    On another note – nearly half the year gone! Awk, damn! (When you are getting up there losing half a year has new meaning).

  4. Thank you for your message! I can’t reply as i get that stupid no-reply blogger thing when I try. I hate that. Yes that was I in backyard farmer- there is also one with Adam on the cover! A few months after me i think. The editor used to be our next door neighbour and is still avery good friend. Love your chickies and the pants too- I’m making things from old sweaters as well, currently a dress for Charlie and I’m going to attempt dying it pink with beetroot.

  5. Sam

    Love the chickens! And how exciting that one may be winging *ahem* its way here!! Know what you mean about the lack of time for stuff. And blogging, oh dear :/ Must remind myself that it ebbs and flows. Just finished making a tag monster for E – so amazed I achieved something crafty though it took me about six weeks to finish! (Hand sewn because am totally daunted by the singer!) Anyway, hope your flock grows! 🙂

  6. Sam

    Oh and snap! I am hopeless at following patterns too!

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