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The past week has been something of a struggle – fractured nights leaving me a zombie by mid-afternoon, getting through the days from cup of tea to cup of tea. I have had some horror parenting moments πŸ™ Last night, however, must have been a little bit better because today I summoned a skerrick of zing…

With Small Z at kindergarten, as soon as the other Small was asleep I worked through my (blisteringly exciting) list that had been eating away at me. I knocked off getting the washing out, paying bills, a phone call to the bank, making chicken soup in the slow cooker, a handwritten letter to the Penalty Review Board*, collecting files together to be posted today… and then an extra hard burst of rain came and woke Small DB after an hour and ten minutes. Gah.

At least I got most of it done. Later on my mother called and asked me, again, what I wanted for my birthday and what were my plans for the day. I told her to get off my back and not worry about it, it was still a couple of weeks away. Oh, she said, really? Yes, I said blithely, and looked at the calendar. And blanched. It’s a week tomorrow.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH. That’s why M, my mother, my father and Mrs H. have all mentioned it over the past week. I have no plans. My only plans had been to repeat last year – which was to fly to Ballina and lob in on our long lost friends for a week of beachy wonder. My only plan at this late stage? I don’t have one, but I need to invent one. Fast.

And, note to self: today Small DB fell off a chair in the library, hit her head on the coffee table in our lovely local bookshop where I bought Small Z her first dictionary and generally fell over or off everything in her path. I have to devote a post to her before she grows up any further…

* You’re here? About the Penalty Review Board thing? Let me tell you of two instances where M has cost us unnecessary amounts of money. Both have only recently come to my attention. One involves $153 of dinosaurs and the other about $300 of kangaroo mince. Whoops, sorry…it’s bedtime. It will have to be in another post…


Short Circuit


Low Key Birthday Me…


  1. ian

    $153 worth of dinosaurs??? I need to know more! come on up to beachy Ballina again! It has actually stopped raining after 5 months & the autimnh/winter sunshine has begun!!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Wishing you Happy Birthday now, hopefully I didn’t miss it.

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