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Short Circuit

A few years ago I bought a very lovely nightlight set. Not kiddy style, actually just cool.

Of course I’m a cheapskate – they were selling here for over a hundred bucks, so I got a set on US eBay for $40 and picked them up when I visited my brother in NYC. The problem, of course, was they had a US plug. I assumed this could be rectified by an adaptor, but was informed by my Dad’s eighty-year-old Humber whisperer and odd job man Harley, that if I attempted such a thing – I would blow it up.

What I needed was a step-down transformer. I recalled that throughout my childhood we had used one the size of 1.5 housebricks to operate our blender – only, in my memory, for pancake batter and my mother’s whiskey sours. My dad lent it to me, I plugged it in and was happy.

ancient step-down transformer

Until last night. For some reason we were all sitting on the floor of Small Z’s bedroom/my study – I leaned back and moved something out of the way. It must have stretched or moved the wire of the transformer. The wire that’s been there for at least a year. There was a flash. At first I thought I had imagined it – but when I checked my nightlights – they were on – that’s one of the cool things about them – they turn on if there’s a power outage. And that’s what I’d created…

Somehow the ‘flash’ knocked out the powerpoints in the bedrooms and one in the kitchen…giving life to the fridge and microwave. M took me to look at the plug of the transformer. There was a bare wire and a smoking smell. I was sternly instructed not to repeat such behaviour. I thought, somewhat falteringly, about the luck involved in Small DB NOT grabbing that wire over the past year…

The Wire

We now have the fridge and microwave on a long extension cord and no lamps/baby monitors or…um…nightlights in the bedrooms. I have to go an buy a new fuse for the fusebox – and hope that fixes it. The transformer is going home to my Dad – he holds hopes that it might be salvageable.


The Wedding Present. Finally.


Administrative duties…


  1. Jess Mc

    Only fifty bucks! In case you wanted to replace them. And no, I don’t work for fishpond, just want to share the tooli love 🙂

  2. beth

    You’re a champ!! Was looking at second hand ones for just as much!!

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