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Oh dear god, it’s only been a week or so but I’m panicking about everything that is now missing – has not been recorded here. If it’s not here, did it really happen? No, it did not – or at least that will be my perspective in a few years time.

I am currently reading Moonwalking With Einstein which is making me even more jittery about this sort of thing – what you do and don’t remember. Today, by the way, was a shocker. M came home early to be greeted by having his arse hauled over hot coals for all the household things he nicked to use on his Grand Boating Birthday Weekend…

And after that I crumpled into a tearful mess about How Much I Can’t Get Done – due to working from home with an uber-clingy 18 month old. (Will I put her in childcare? No. Will I decamp to the library? When she improves, as my dictation software has been kicked into a corner, where it languishes.)

Meanwhile, here’s the solution – we will give up our ‘family day’ and M will do two kid wrangling days. (Hello? Mother? If you’re out there? The day every week that you come here will now be for R&R – let me hear you CHEER! No longer will you have to see me at snapping point each week…) At the present time, this is the only workable solution to my fraying mental health. I have a HEAP of work, as one of my colleagues is having surgery in a month…

And adding to the brew… Here’s why I STILL love Ask Moxie:

Personally, having nursed two kids through the 18-month I-can’t-stand-this-for-one-more-second, it-makes-me-feel-like-a-worn-out-old-sow, stop-stop-for-the-love-of-all-that’s-holy-stop phase, I think it’s easier just to self-medicate through the nursing with chocolate and do the weaning in two or three months (why is 21 months so much easier than 18?).

Because although she’s speaking to ALL of her readers, it’s like she’s actually just speaking to ME. Things are hard in the boob department at the moment. I am tempted to believe that a LOT of things would get easier if Small DB was weaned. However, she is right in that 18 month phase that was just mentioned and while it’s doing my head in, I want to support her little baby needs. Needs that will hopefully slacken off after a few more weeks and then… Then I will encourage the Wean.

There you go. I still haven’t posted the pictures of our Farm Excursion or M’s Festival of Fifty! You can read a very lovely post he did here. As he has no breastmilk and doesn’t get woken at night, he can spend time on such things. (Me? Bitter? Only slightly…)

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  1. Well despite having four kids as far as the breast-feeding thing is concerned you’re the expert but I have to say 18 months seems long enough to me and I wouldn’t feel guilty about weaning the wee babe as it seems to me that you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty on that one.

    Plus your mental health is a far more important issue here. Thinking about the benefits of nursing a few more months, which I don’t think is really necessary for the baby’s health or being able to be rested, healthy and easier for the family to get along with you? Who is suffering more here? I don’t think it’s DB.
    Maybe it’s not the nursing she’s wanting so much as the “me” time with mommy. As long as she’s nursing she’s got your undivided attention and everyone else has to go away.

    Having said this as I say I’m no expert, the longest I ever breast-fed my kids was six months.

  2. beth

    I think you’re right, but…of course there’s a ‘but’- I just don’t know that I can do it in gentle way. None of the weaning information that I read deal with kids that are fed back to sleep. Most of them talk about ‘cutting out feeds’ – but DB feeds on demand. Some days she feeds a LOT and other days she just feeds to sleep…

    Basically, I’m going to have to endure a very upset Small DB for probably a week and the thought makes me shudder. However – you’re correct. I think we would all function better if she was at least night-weaned. I have been loathe to do it while her teeth have been giving her so much trouble – but that’s nearly cleared up…

  3. Jess

    So I got 3 months warning! I hear you πŸ™‚
    At least you have a plan, hope it helps. Milly and I are around tomorrow πŸ™‚

  4. beth

    Ohhh. I didn’t see this until now! Would have taken you both to the park with us and then you could have watched me being overly cautious with a lifejacket clad Small DB on the pier *eyeroll*

  5. Jess

    Always next time, thats not actually a bad idea, the life jacket thing, I just hover close to Polly, while every possible scenario (all bad) runs through my head – all the while Chris gives Me the eyeroll!

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