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Catching up and hanging out

We have not seen our lovely friends with all of us present this year. And it’s nearly April. This is the kind of thing that happens when people are working, kid wrangling, and live over an hours drive apart. And it sucks. But we had a lovely day…

They arrived for lunch, and after some soup and sandwiches we set out for The Pines – Shoreham Beach. I have to say that if I won a lot of money, Shoreham would be a serious contender for my Victorian abode – the road to the beach is just sublime, full of huge trees and houses on enormous blocks – mostly old houses too, none of the new fangled Point Leo bling…

The carpark was chock full of surfers and their vehicles. M and Mr J went out for a surf while E and I stayed and hung with the four Smalls. FOUR!! And here’s some pictures…

M. Heading out for a surf. Point Leo.
The lovely Olivia Rose
Climbing the pines
He's turning 50 on Thursday. Seriously. Not bad at all!
Elijah. Looking very Tolkien.
Olivia Rose and her beautiful mama - Ellise.
M and his girls... Point Leo.
Ascending the pine...

Once we all got home, we just hung out and eventually decided that dinner would be a good idea. Of course, our Smalls were run ragged by that point and their wheels began to fall off. There was not a great amount of relaxation had – particularly, of course, by the mothers… But a wonderful and long overdue day. And now Small DB has improved in the car, we might actually be able to return the visit!


Steaming Steaming Steaming


Bedside Light


  1. Loopsta

    Soooo lovely to see miss E! Give her a big hello from me, she looks fabulous! XXX

  2. Rockin picture of M in his surf gear he looks so happy and also beautiful picture of your friend with her little one.

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