An exceedingly frustrating day.

Just as I wrote those words Small DB awoke and I had to go and settle her… (well, feed her, I do not want to hide behind euphemisms) back to sleep.

This post is going to be more of a whimper than a hurrah. You have been warned. I have not been swimming for over a month. I was trying to rest my shoulder. Usually swimming helped it but this time the soreness has gone down my arm into my elbow.

It is exacerbated by typing. Typing is the worst thing and makes it all very sore. It hurts when I pick things up, twist open lids, lift heavy children into swings. But it is typing that really gets it going.

I have been using dictation software on and off for a number of years. Since I have been using a Mac my software has not always been my own. About three weeks ago my boss bought me my own copy of Dragon Dictate. I hope that after all these years (I first remember using it in 2002) they might have got it right. Today it crashed no less than five times while I was working.

What made it worse was that their support staff advised me to delete a particular file without telling me that this would alter all my settings – the crucial one being the autosave function. I always have it set to save every fifteen seconds. It defaulted back to saving every 5 min. Thus, I lost chunks of work while using a shitty application that was also costing me chunks of time.

If you follow my twitter account you would have seen my tweets becoming more and more infuriated. I feel very shackled because I am trying to avoid hurting my arm by typing. I do not know if there is a term for the murder of a software application, but I am about to invent one. (My writing all sounds a little disjointed – that’s because I’m still using the bloody program.)

I do not have time to play around with this stuff. I only use it for my work and I only use it on my work days. I need it to be operational. Working from home on a rainy day is hard enough, with a teething Small DB knowing that I am locked away in another room. Having to get her to sleep…twice.

I did enjoy working in the library but I cannot go there and wrestle with my dictation software. Not only would I be swearing constantly I would also be regaling the clientele with the stupidities that are inevitably involved in my files. So next week I’ll try escaping to the caravan…