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Hairy Glary

I spent t-h-r-e-e l-o-n-g h-o-u-r-s in the hair salon this morning. Kidfree, but still chafing. It was hardly how I planned to spend my ‘me’ time for the week. ARGH!! I had $50 appear out of the ether and decided to put it toward getting a pro-job on my colour instead of spending an hour trying to paint only my dark roots with hi-lift bleach. And failing. And melting some of my hair…was that really only five weeks ago?

The salon was run off it’s feet. They left the toner in for too long (I know this because I did the same thing about four months ago) and I was a greyish kind of lavender colour. I am notoriously crap about receiving bad service, but extreme lack of sleep has destroyed my tact. I said, “I hate it. Fix it. Now.” She did.

By the time it was done I was so cranky and hungry – it was midday and I had eaten at 6am – that I threw down my money and stalked from the salon. M greeted me with effusive comments about my ‘do’ that I was deaf to, and lunch and a cup of tea, that I inhaled. After that I calmed down, observed my follicles in the mirror and decided that she’d done a very good job – although there are a few little lavender tinges…or maybe I’m just imagining them.




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  1. Good for you for knowing that they’d done a crap job and for sticking up for your rights to get it repaired.

    Umm, picture please?

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