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Boatyard & Boat Interior

The interior of the boat is ready to be painted. I hadn’t visited the boatyard in an embarrassingly long time. So on Monday afternoon, the Smalls and I drove the 20 minutes there, armed with tea-making supplies and a few snacks. M was Very Happy To See Us – particularly Small Z.

The beginning looked a little like this. This photo was taken on 14 November 2006.
The first hull progresses!

M has spent the last five months or so working on the interior. Constructing it. Sanding every. last. inch. of. it. until his fingers bled so it can be spray painted – something he will do in the near future. I feel for M. So much of his amazing, incredible and time consuming work will *never* be seen by anyone. No one will even know it’s there…all the joins, the shaping, the glassing, the endless sanding, designing, the workarounds, the ongoing dust…

It was great for us to see where it’s at – but particularly Small Z, who probably can’t remember when she last saw the thing. The thing? The Very Large Catamaran has a name. M has dubbed it (her? when does it move from an ‘it’ to a ‘her’?) BELLA LUNA…

Inside the Very Large Catamaran

Inside the Very Large Catamaran

Inside the Very Large Catamaran

Inside the Very Large Catamaran

Inside the Very Large Catamaran

Inside the Very Large Catamaran

Inside the Very Large Catamaran

Striding from the shed

And finally – in the concrete of the recently expanded slipway…

Written in the concrete...


I appear not to be here




  1. It looks wondeful simply amazing. I love the lines of it and it’s come so far since I last saw it.

    I love seeing how things come together especially when they are done by hand and not some mechanical driven machine.

  2. Loopsta

    Wow Beth!
    Your M is a truly talented Man. It looks incredible!

  3. Sam

    Wow. Wow. Wow! What an amazing job M has done – you have both done – to get this boat built! I can barely get my head around crafting something so big. That needs to be so… seaworthy! Love the name. Love the slipway scribble. Does it feel like you’ll be living life aboard soon? Is six months the guesstimate for launching her?

  4. Meegs

    We know – I’ll never forget how much time and effort he put into the tri… It looks friggin’ amazing – can’t wait until you sail it down our way!!! xxx

  5. ian

    Go the Bella Luna – pretty damn amazing – top stuff M! love those ovalicious doorways!!!

  6. beth

    🙂 🙂 🙂
    Ah – thank you so much for all the positivity!! It’s such a long haul and the visual updates have been few. As of a few days ago (when our building insurance renewal notice arrived) I have decided to give up on voicing potential end dates. M tells me it will be more than six months and it has taken me a few days to deal with that in my own head. Despite this, we like our house, we like our garden, we like our neighbours and our friends, so it’s not as hard as it could be…

  7. Kaye Proudley

    How amazing! M is living up to his previous standards obviously. Good work all of you.

  8. Mich

    Wow. That is an impressive looking craft!

  9. Jess

    Hey looks great and its bigger than I thought
    Chris, naturally wants to know the make etc…
    ps like your blog:)

  10. beth

    Ah! Thank you!!
    A Schionning Wilderness 1100…

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