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Riding on and Valentines

Small Z, thanks to some presents from SWWNBB, has her bike fully blinged with Spokey Dokeys, handlebar streamers and a horn. People smile as she careens past them on the street. She has taken to riding to four-year-old kindergarten – has attended twice already. The teacher puts her bike in the shed until hometime. Here she is chasing M’s bum as he runs in front of her with the pram. If you look closely you can see his crazy leg-in-the-air run…

Riding to Kindergarten

After we dropped her off, M, Small DB and I went for a coffee in our favourite cafe… Small DB kept us running around after her…down the street, into shops…but we managed a little Quality Time…

The Smallest Valentine with it's Dadda
The Smallest Valentine with its Mama

I had planned to make some kind of valentiney craft with Small Z during the afternoon, but friends dropped around. In the end, after the Smalls were asleep, I made M a bread and butter pud – he made me the best bacon and egg sandwich I’d ever eaten – and it was all good.


A year on


A hot day out


  1. You all look good but there is something about the first picture that really appeals to me in an artistic way. There’s colour in it but it reminds me of one of those older sepia photos that depict everyday life way back when. Hard to explain, sort of a snapshot in time because there are no faces it could be anyone in any town.
    The way it’s balanced foreground and background, etc, etc. I have no idea what I’m talking about but hope you get the idea.

  2. beth

    I like that first picture the best too – the sky is great, and then there’s Small Z pedalling in the foreground and M further away – but the whole setting is so anonymous! No one around…

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