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A year on

A year ago, less one day, we journeyed to my Dad’s place in the country. Small Z was just three-years-new and Small DB was zero and had her first taste of food – an heirloom apple.

This time, I took the Smalls myself. It’s not that we only visit once a year, but we usually only make it up once during the time that the blackberries and apples are ripe. I had intended to take the caravan, but the electrics for the indicators packed it in as I left. Here’s a pic of Small DB vigilling by the window as M tried fruitlessly to fix them.

Waiting by the window with apple

The good thing about our bad luck was that by the time we got going, it was nearly nap time. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here (probably so as not to jinx it) but we have recently had a breakthrough on the I-hate-the-car thing with Small DB. Improbably simple.

We tell her where we are going.

It seems that if she’s keen to go to the beach, or to playgroup, or to visit MWB, Mgs and their cat in the country – she’ll endure the car. Our trip there was nothing short of heaven. Any of you who have tiny children who don’t mind the car have no idea of how amazing a scream-free trip is. So much less tension! I know that she has also had a big growth spurt, and this has helped as well. It was worth all the non-sleeping involved…

It had rained during the morning upon setting out, so I had to pack extra toys…

Packed for one night away

We plundered blackberries, plums, apples and some truly beautiful pears (that are gargoyle-like, but angelic after peeling). We climbed into the treehouse a few times, made much fuss of Splodge – the snakebite survivor, went to the local park and cafe, and to the Loch market the following morning. I was gifted a rhubarb plant (something I’ve wanted for just about ever) and some Leatherwood Honey (my favourite kind).



Across the way

Old Humber. Old tree.

Underneath the apple trees

"We're going to pick some blackberries..."

Yum. Blackberry.

Peaches and Plums




Riding on and Valentines

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  1. Sam

    Oh oh oh. I’m in fruit envy. Yum. And market envy. The breakthrough with the car must be a huge relief. We’ve been relatively lucky so far, as long as I travel in the back. But the times he has screamed, when I’ve been in the front and we haven’t been able to stop – totally undo me. And so glad that Splodge survived (wasn’t sure how he’d fared) 🙂

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