Maybe its the cooler weather, but I have been cooking a few new things lately. Trying to cook myself out of my rut. I continually wonder at other people and their shopping budgets for the week/fortnight/month – the other day I read over on Picklebums that they have a monthly budget of $550…for a family of SIX!

I found that remarkable. More often than not we’re spending about $200 a week on food shopping 🙁 Hideous. And unsustainable. It’s only since we began seriously eating meat that things got quite expensive. We’re not buying steak or anything – it’s usually kangaroo steak for stir fries, chicken drumsticks for the Smalls and kangaroo mince for bolognaise.

Anyway, I will devote another post to my ponderings on shopping budgets and how to trim them (make your own bread?). Last week I made bread and butter pudding in my slow cooker. Bliss. I couldn’t find a recipe that really worked in with what I had, so I took a bit from most of them. Here’s how it started:

Slow cooker bread & butter pud

Here’s my helper:

Slow cooker bread & butter pud

And here is the end result….

Slow cooker bread & butter pud

I used a glass bowl and bits of old bread, liberally buttered, dried apricots and raspberries. Each layer I drizzled with golden syrup – something that much preferred to the many suggestions of 1/2 to one cup of brown sugar. Once all the layers were in I mixed two eggs with about 600ml of milk, cream and buttermilk and a bit of vanilla and poured it over the top. I just happened to have the buttermilk in the fridge as I’d been planning to make my own cream fraiche…something I have not yet got around to doing. I put some water in the slow cooker to about halfway up the bowl. Left it for a few hours. Sublime…

The other thing I made (besides my blast from the past – Vietnamese Rice Bowl which is always well received) is the Red Lentils recipe over at Girls Gone Child. It’s great. I’ve made it twice -the first time it took me an a-g-e, but the second time it came together well, with the chillies and everything cooking up in the pan as the lentils did their thing.

The second time I made it I did double and froze some. I’m saving it for the end of a difficult day. Check out that link, because also on the page is an impressive sounding chocolate mousse pie that sounds almost insultingly easy to put together (I have to get myself a pie dish before I attempt it, which is why I ate the biscuits I bought to make it….)


We said tomato. Red tomato!


A year on


  1. L.

    Food co-op? Forgot to tell you I think I’ve found an organic bulk place with a kind of co-op delivery thing happening, remind me.

  2. beth

    Is it here where you can make up a ‘pod’ with others that live nearby to save on postage?

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