There is a blankety quilt thing in our lives that M had when we first met. I recall him telling me in hushed tones that it was Egyptian cotton. I probably looked suitably impressed before jumping underneath it with him. Having no idea that one cotton differed from another.

Fast forward a squillion years and the thing is still with us. A few rips. But I generally wash it once a year or so on a particularly hot day. It’s more of a quilt than a doona… I have NEVER been able to find it a cover. It swims in a double and won’t fit a single. And today I found out why.

It is completely square. 180cmx180cm. More or less. I bought two single matching flat sheets from the op-shop yesterday. I confidently assumed that I’d sew them together and Voila! (or Wah La! as I have read it elsewhere) I would have a well-fitting cute vintage floral cover. Yeah. Right.

Single sheets were not wide enough. So I had to modify my plans. Four squares of fabric to one side. Fine. But then I had nothing for the other side due to the stupidity of the dimensions involved. Cue hacking into two more sheets…but one was fitted. Cue swearing as there was again not enough fabric. Here I am, with SEVEN squares…when I need eight…and it’s too late to continue.

I had dreams of finishing this stupid thing tonight and then covering Small Z in it as she slept. Ah, those rosy tinted thoughts that have little to do with reality. Tomorrow is another day…

Fumbling through the flora
I'm stuck.