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Today I used one of my Mental Health Cards. My friend Jen was in town for Fair@Square over the past weekend.

This is what I woke up to…so cute!
Time to get up!!
She no longer looks quite so peachy – she split her lip at the park today 🙁

I drove – alone – into Collingwood via freeways and the back streets of Toorak and Richmond. It was brought home to me how long it had been since I had driven through those places that I used to go several times a week when I saw many well established trees…growing down the middle of Coppin Street. I suppose that’s what eight or ten years can do! I had never even seen them before.

Central Club Hotel - Richmond

Rach's house. The new paintjob

My lovely Jen was waiting for me and I took her out to Bluebird Espresso, about which I had read good things. We nattered and nattered and in the middle of that noshed on sublime food. After about 90 minutes I was given a further free pass by M, who called to say that Small D had fallen asleep and not to hurry back. Wooo!
Check out the brunch!
Divine brunch - Bluebird Espresso

I helped Jen get her myriad of boxes together, we took them to the post office and then I slalomed her through the city and deposited her out the front of the Skybus building an hour before her plane was due to leave. All good.

She is a wise friend. I may have mentioned this before once or twice. Her main pearl on this occasion? In response to my often mentioned whine about me having kidfree time means the boat build is prolonged…she jumped in where Karen and M have already been and said;
How are you even existing? Take one day a month – at LEAST – for your own time. Go to a park and read a book or hang out with a friend WITHOUT any kids around. You will feel better, and as a result, the family will function better – and the boat will probably get built faster, because there will be better energy buzzing around.

Basically, if mama ain’t happy – nobody’s happy. I’m going to do it. Why it has taken three different people to tell me this in various different ways, I am not sure. I have to focus more on the present and let the future take care of itself.

Small Z was gifted some gorgeous arm warmers:
Zoe's wrist warmers...
I miss you Jen – it was ace to catch up!!


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  1. Good to hear that you had a day out and about sans kids but on another note…..oh my goodness what a cutie that has got to be the most priceless picture I’ve seen yet. You’ve captured her at just the right moment.

    Although I can’t see Small Z’s face she seems so grown up. I get the impression she’s going to be tall.

  2. Jen

    …actually I’m sure I said fortnight. You need a day a fortnight!!

    Was so lovely to see you Beth!

    Jen x

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