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Hanging baskets

Oh wonder of wonders! Small DB is abed before 8pm!! A whole hour and a half earlier than the past five nights! Is my relief not dancing out of that screen you’re looking at and whacking you about the head?!

A short recap. I began November like an awesome person and posted for many days – maybe even 15, in a row. But I have to tell you. It was a HARD month. The teething and the walking and the sick older child? None of those things was conducive to me managing to blog every day for a month. [Sigh]

…or put something on eBay every day – though I was more adept at that and sold quite a lot – goodbye baby hammock, baby capsule, cot, nappies, too small kid shoes, more nappies… Anyway. The month is over. It is now Summer. Christmas is trundling toward us on a downhill run – the only reason for my composure in that regard is that we are Kris Kringling this year, and so I am only sweating on a few presents instead of many.

Yesterday? We went to a clearing sale – some older guy was clearing out his Big Old Shed full of Big Old Stuff. M bought a fender. The boat kind – not the guitar. The friends we went along with bought a wooden dresser. Me? I dropped ten bucks on four aged cane hanging baskets. They needed repair and new hanging apparatus…

…and today the Smalls and I went to Bunnings and came home armed with potting mix and seedlings with which to do them justice. (Yes. We may be moving out soon. But if I allow that to rule my existence, nothing will ever be beautified…) It took a lot of wire. As we were working in the front garden, Small DB kept escaping down the street…running on her gleeful little legs. So cute, but so ANNOYING…

Once she was down for her nap, Small Z and I got stuck in. There was a fair bit of coconut fibre still in each one, so I kept it and added in newspaper for insulation purposes. We planted each one with a combination of cherry tomatoes, snow peas and lobelias…

The new (to me) hanging baskets

Hanging baskets - the contents

I am very happy! I used to have a lot of such things when we lived in Seddon – but having moved frequently since then, I haven’t really bothered too much. I did record back here about my aspirations for something better than plastic hanging pots – and actually, as I mine the archives, I did have a little pot-garden thing going on at the trailer…the remnants of which I still have!

Sorry about that tangent. We finished our horticultural duties and I got the Smalls their dinner. M came home early, and so my going-to-bed burden was eased…
Bedtime books

It’s been a little difficult with Small Z recently. She’s been sick, not getting enough sleep due to coughing, and also getting a bit lost in the mix with the attention that has been focussed on Small DB (I NEED to be focussed, or she runs off somewhere…). M and I made a particular effort today with a bit of extra TLC, and it was very much worth it. Her sunshine came back 🙂


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My Twig Tree


  1. Hat’s off to you for planting in the face of a near-term move! It is so hard for me to be zen like that and act as if I’m never leaving right up to the last second. I like to think I’m getting better at it, but still.

  2. Beautiful picture of M and Small Z and the baskets look wonderful.

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