Bubbly Bubble Swim…

We have a fish and a half. The fish is a goldfish. Rotund, from the three tetra neon fish that it ate a few months back, leaving him Cannibal King of the Tank. The half? A small, scared greyish black fish that a week ago began lying on the bottom of the tank. Apparently he has swim bladder disease.

Big fat gold cannibal is called Swimmington. Smaller greyish black one is called Bubbly Bubble Swim. Despite his triple-barrelled name, he continues to look timid, as you would if sharing your confinement with a cannibal.

It took Small Z four days to notice the plight of Bubbly Bubble Swim. I was worried she might be upset at the sight. I came out last night and found her speaking to him affectionately:

“Dear Bubbly Bubble Swim, you are the best and most beautiful fish in the world. I love you up to the crust of the Earth. Dear and lovely little grey tummied fish…”

I looked at her. Was she going to mention that he was lying on the bottom of the tank, flapping a little too gently? It seemed not.

M, who diagnosed Bubbly Bubble Swim’s ailment, kept telling me that it was not terminal – that fish can recover. To this effect, he cleaned out the tank. This morning, he was swimming around valiantly. On his side. Small Z was elated.

“Mama! Bubbly Bubble Swim isn’t so sleepy today. He slept all yesterday, but now he’s awake!.”

We will see what transpires. I just googled Swim Bladder Disease – apparently it can be remedied with peas. Of course!




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  1. She’s so cute.

    Hopefully the fish will recover and that’s all I’m going to say about that.
    I’ve learned something new today I never thought about goldfish eating other fish, I guess it makes sense.

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