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Tired Old Tuesday

Today I awoke after very little sleep, swam, took the Smalls to playgroup, annoyed Small Brother, blew bubbles, drank multiple cups of tea, yelled at Small Z on two occasions 🙁 , medicated Small DB for teething malaise, bought two bicycle tyres that don’t fit and will be returned tomorrow, received a personal email from Katy Bowman – the excellent biomechanic (which made my week!) got both Smalls fed and down for the night before 7pm and am now typing this entry on my iPhone next to Small DB who has woken four times in 90 minutes. I am without lollies and tempted to cry.

Oh. An I also cleaned out our fridge. The interior now looks like an art installation.


unschool monday : doing stuff


The one that got away

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  1. Ah right the fridge! My son just commented an hour ago that it needed to be cleaned out again as he mentioned something about chicken kebobs at the back of it. Hmmm…I can’t remember the chicken kebobs could be he’s right. Yours looks fantastic by the way, very inspiring…”contemplates actually cleaning the frige”…

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