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Serendipity doo dah

It’s odd the way things seem to sometimes topple into your lap. Or not. But at the moment it feels a bit like they are. I got my very first pay rise today. First ever!! Five dollars more an hour!! I am so excited!!! You can tell by my punctuation, right?!!!!

I don’t know why I got it, I’m tempted to think it’s the guilt involved with the fact that I’m the one casual employee and therefore get no holiday pay for five weeks over Christmas. I have been starting to worry about that and even called up about a job that I found advertised the other day.

Then I started to think a bit more realistically. The chances of me finding work in that five week gap are pretty slim. I called up Family Assist, because, like many other Australian families, we get assistance payments and they always harp on about informing them about any change in your circumstances – to avoid underpayment/overpayment etc.

I told them I would be out of work for five weeks. Basically I just have to sign up for the dole for that time and look for work, which is no big hardship. Nothing I haven’t done before. It also just so happened that I was talking to a Useful Call Centre Person. A fairly rare breed, but the Family Assist call centre seems to pick a few of them…

It may have helped my case that Small Z was throwing an absolute face melting wobbly for an unrelated reason and I had to stand in the bathroom with my foot against the door and my finger in my ear as she body-slammed against the other side of it. “Sounds like you have your hands FULL…” he commented politely.

He asked about M, and whether he received any payments for looking after the kids when I work. I said no, he didn’t. I explained that we were building a boat and what our situation was. He said that M needed to call them, and that we could be getting extra money each week, and really should have been since I went back to work when Small Z was three months new. *boggle*

Hooray for me for scratching around vainly in search of funds we may be able to swing this yet! (And M is already hoping we might be able to afford to stay on in our little house, but I’m not willing to join him on that little idealistic vision quite yet.) He has a Family Assist meeting on Monday – we have our fingers crossed that it works out.


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  1. It would be wonderful if you could get some extra money. Here’s praying for you that it happens.

  2. beth

    Thank you! I am hoping that it will work out…fingers are crossed!

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