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Discombobulation with a patch of calm

A storm woke Small Z at around 4am this morning. I do not exaggerate – the rain sounded like we were underneath a waterfall. A very large one. It was the first night in forever I had told M to sleep in the caravan because I’m sick of the mattress on the floor in Small Z’s room. I had to go in to her, Small DB immediately awoke, and I had to bring Small Z into the big bed with us.

Small DB was inordinately delighted. “Doh! Doh!” She was, of course, too excited to go back to sleep. ‘Doh’ is her version of my nickname for Small Z – ‘Dodie-Doh’. Small Z finally lapsed back into slumber, but myself and the other Small tried vainly for more rest. We were up before 6am – I hit the pool before the hour was out, and had the lane to myself for my efforts…

The day was studded with meltdowns from a tired Small Z. Highlights included her shrieking, “I don’t want you as my mama ANYMORE. I COMPLETELY don’t want you as my mama!”

I was eyerolling to myself in another room, thinking that this must be some kind of milestone. At least I have the other Small one to hero-worship me for another year or so…

Then there was the one where she wouldn’t let go of the sequinned headband in the shop and I had to abandon Small DB, prise it from her hands as she screamed and went boneless like some kind of invertebrate. That was invigorating for us all.

A patch of calm in our day was our first foray into the 30 Days Hands On Play that I’ve been reading about at The Imagination Tree. They suggest the play – and you play too! For a minimum of 15 minutes. And it’s all led by the kid.

I thought the suggestion of playdough would extract a huge yawn from Small Z, as for quite a while it was the go-to thing to get out when… when I could think of nothing better. But that was a few months ago. I got out the luridly green, glitter flecked stuff that we had made a while back, and some ribbon, pipecleaners, lavender, springy-eggcups, lego, garlic press…

We loved it. I sat and dabbled. She did the same. Until using the eggcup turned her playdough into spirally mountainous ice-cream shapes. Which led to her setting up her own little ice-cream ‘shop’ and having a zillion different flavour combination

Fifteen minutes was easy – and then I had a phone call. Small Z kept going with it for about an hour! Hooray for us! But so, sooo tired am I at the end of the day. (But not as grumpy as I was two nights ago, when I’d upset Small Z and she said to me, in all seriousness, “Take a deep breath mama, take a deep breath.” Just like I tell her to do. So I did.)


Keep this temperature fixed


Serendipity doo dah

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  1. I’m getting tired just reading about it. I look back and wonder how I found the energy to cope with my kids but then again my husband was pretty good about helping out when I asked him. Mind you now that I think of it I did work at the grocery store at night for years and years, it was my sanity break.

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