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unschool monday : happy sponge

I missed last week – I wanted to butt in on Lauren’s discussion of praise, but had too little time to delve for the links to the study I wanted to quote, so I will save that for another week.

We have just returned from, what was for me, a rather hellish weekend at a folk festival. It struck me while we were away, and even more so now we are back, that Small Z has come through a developmental jump. There have been (fingers crossed) no true face-melting tantrums for quite a few weeks, she is trying to engage more with her sister (which is hard when said sister continues to try and tear chunks from her) and she has upped her level of genuine interest in all and sundry.

She has always been spongelike; absorbent of new knowledge. But it’s just now that it seems like she takes a particular joy in new things. I was worried, before we went away, about how much talking up M was doing about Mount Tarrengower – the place where the festival is held.

Small Z became volcano obsessed. She asked to watch volcanos on the computer – the ‘most eruptioningest EVER’, she spoke endlessly of meeting her new friend – Mount Tarrengower – and what she would say to him, and what he would say to her. I began to suspect that once we drove to the foot of the bloody thing she’d begin to scream at the absence of lava, molten rock and explosions.

M of course, made it all seem magical to her, and she was perfectly happy with what seems to me to be a fairly unremarkable…um…hill. But the ZING that she has when confronted with something new at the moment is lovely to see. Practicing writing, coming up with as many different kinds of flower names as we can, learning how to Morris dance! (She and M did a workshop at the festival.)

I can start to see that as she gets older, following and feeding her interests as they lead from one thing to the other will just be an organic process… And I haven’t even mentioned her increasing need to role play Everything. I cannot count the times I had to BE Mount Tarren-bloody-gower in the past two weeks… BOOM!

I’m posting as part of Owlet’s unschool monday – there’s more entries here.


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  1. Haha! It sounds so lovely and exciting to be her right now! You really do just get swept along for the ride, huh? Awesome stuff. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on praise too! x

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