The long and the short of it

I took off this morning to see Kerry. A hairdresser and awesome lady who has been sculpting my hair on and off since I was about 14 years old. I tend to avoid her when my hair is long, because she doesn’t do foils; she does tips. This fascinates the women I tell, some of them don’t even know what tips are.

For those who are ignorant – ‘tips’ (think early Shane Warne) are when you have a plastic cap pulled down tight over your hair. The hairdresser then stabs at your scalp through it with a crochet hook and pulls little bits of hair through. The longer your hair, the higher the pain. So today wasn’t going to be a problem.

Hark!? What’s that?! A photo essay of my de-hairing. Sorry I don’t have a before-photo – well, I kind of do. My hair – cut by a local hack (I use that word advisedly) and then bleached horribly by my own self, has lived under a hat for the past three weeks, so this is as good as you’ll get…

And that is the hat I wore to see Kerry. Who looked under it and just shook her head, muttering something like, “You’ll never learn, will you? You’ll never learn…”

The horrors that I had wrought included patchy bleaching, meaning that she was unable to get my hair to be just one colour. She tried though! First she hacked it all off. I had taken her some photos I’d googled up. We chose one and she worked from that.

Here is the bit where she has done the whole cut and then shoved the hat down over my head. You can see she has pulled heapso hair through, because it’s about to become blonde-o-rama…

End result. Me looking rather bashfully at bathroom mirror. Feeling much better about myself. Because a change is as good as a holiday – and I’m about to have one of those too!


Coming a cropper


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  1. downtomysoul

    Oh it looks GREAT! Love the colour. And yay for holidays 🙂

  2. Woo! Thank you! Just went for a swim and I have AUTOMATIC HAIR! Dried it under the hand dryer like Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan (I think she did her underarms, but still…same idea)…

  3. Love it! Does it feel good?
    Oh I’d love a ‘real’ hair cut.
    Reading through the comments on the no poo post and on Crunchy Betty’s forum people with coloured hair seem to feel it holds the colour longer. And I think lemon juice is good for blondes no?

  4. Looks awesome! You are so brave! I pine for automatic hair, but don’t have the guts to try such a radical change…

  5. Love it you look awesome, yeah for you that it turned out great!

  6. beth

    @Tania – it feels totally ace. I do feel curiously neutral about my hair, it’s like I’m swimming (metaphorically) so fast to keep up with everything it hardly even happened!

    @M.T & Karen – I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I think you need to get to the point of no return with your own style to jump in and do something really different. And I was there! There’s always hats…

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