She is fine. Small DB has her bones all in the right places. The x-rays were unremarkable in the best possible way. She had been referred to a paediatrician for the ongoing clicking, but pffft! At least her bones are tickety-boo! Can you feel my r-e-l-i-e-f?
She's suddenly started to love books

A much better day today. I SWAM this morning. Holy crap. I pumped up the tyres on our old bike and felt renewed, bicycling to the pool through the morning sunshine, cold air biting my knuckles and baby rabbits running for cover under the hedge.

I’d almost forgotten that I had a new bathing suit. This made a difference as well. Built for lap-swimming, I hadn’t realised how little my previous fashionista suit held all my bits in place! Now I am all business. I have asked this lovely lady, brought to you by Speedo, to model my suit for me…personally I think I rock it better than she does – and there is my triumphantly immodest statement for the year 😉

It was nice to start back again with pumped up tyres and new togs (and no, don’t snicker, this is not in reference to the mammaries above). And I made it through the day without becoming a witch – one of the main reasons for the fitness thing. The day was warm, Small Z’s lurgy is almost over and we had fun.