Things I Know : The Entertainer

I know that I am far more relaxed about having eight small, very small and exceedingly small children around for a playdate, than having the same amount of adults over for lunch…

I know that that truthful critique of homemade nougat results in an EXCELLENT fourth attempt. Hello pistachio and cherry slab that is fast disappearing down my throat…

I know that I was ridiculously thrilled to hear a long unheard track from The Wedding Present played during the episode of Monroe I watched last week…

I know that I have finally lost having my mum over here for my two work days a week – but it’s for a good cause; she’s going to be devoting one day to my baby nephew. She’s coming here on Fridays.

I know that I am super looking forward to going to the Maldon Folk Festival at the end of the month…

I know that today I encouraged my friend to buy another friend’s three year old daughter a smart and feisty birthday present – a puzzle, a cool book, some chunky beads for threading – no pink princessy stuff. I thought I’d convinced him, but then got a text from him saying “I bought her a black label Barbie!” I had no response to give…

I know that I am a little relieved that M has agreed to take Small Z to the aforementioned party tomorrow and that I’ll stay home with Small DB – she has started teething again, doesn’t like the car and the party is right at the time she usually sleeps.

And that’s all I know!! Read some more things over here!


wordless wednesday : swingset!


Can you see the kite?

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  1. Enjoy Maldon! We were going to go but it just didn’t pan out this yea

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