unschool monday : get OUT!

Today was one of those days I don’t have too often. For which I am thankful. Exhausted and grump-laden. And it was raining. What to do? Small DB is a little reflection of my mood. She was unhappy because I was flapping at the end of my tether. Sometimes I feel like I spend my whole time just constantly clearing the f@#cking floor of crap.

I set Small Z up with an activity I’d read about over at the Imagination Tree – salt dough. A cup of plain flour, a cup of salt, and enough water to make it doughy. I helped her with some of it, but she was gloriously happy for almost HALF AN HOUR.

Meanwhile I ate peanut butter toast and drank a cup of tea and then did some rare therapeutic piano playing, while Small DB, feeling that peace was restored, played with lemons and ate her own stick of toast. Vastly soothing.

We cooked our salt dough for a few hours. After Small DB slept the wheels began to fall off it all again. I didn’t even think of it as a Good Thing To Do, I just thought that if I didn’t get out of the house I was going to do some damage.

I stuffed both Smalls in the Pram of Wonder under the raincover, put on a coat with a hood and set out. I planned to trial leaving Small DB at the childcare room for 20 minutes while Small Z and I had a coffee in the same complex. My hope was that if she was cool with it I might be able to start taking Small Z to swimming lessons…but – it was closed.

So we hit the cafe, all together. It was better than I’d expected.

Chasing. Playing 'baby mischief'
Tall and small

We were there for at least an hour. Then the rain let up a little and we hit the park…

On the climbing wall
On the climbing wall
Playing the dingalings

And admired the new artistic additions to the adjoining skate bowl….

Hastings Skate Ramp
Hastings Skate Ramp

One more…


I spent some of today thinking how HARD it must be to home-educate. How do you get away? How do you get time for yourself? How do you not go i-n-s-a-n-e? And I spent other moments thinking; “This is how it could work…”

Todays lesson? If things aren’t working – change your environment, even if you think it might be a rained-on disaster. In the end the Smalls played happily, I got a walk…and only had to carry Small DB half of the way home.

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  1. Oh those days are so rough! They’re enough to make anyone second guess homeschooling. I definitely have days like that, and even moments within otherwise good days, but the good times absolutely outweigh those tough days.
    It’s lovely that you got out and about on a blustery day. Changing the environment is a great help, I think you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head there.

  2. Always an important ting to have up one’s sleeve – an escape plan!! Such an important thing for *those days*. Yes, there are hard days home educating. Days where you just want a break. I’ve found they happen more when the children are very small though… It gets easier. They get older. They start reading and rely less on you for everything… I remember having a glimpse of it before Tiny’s birth… In the meantime, I try to make sure I have community and support and an escape plan at hand to make the hard days easier. xx

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