I have been slogging my way through the last few weeks. Myself and the Smalls had a lurgy (that I mentioned here) for a week. The week after that M wasn’t well. And the past five days I have been sick again, with a weird and yucky cold.

Aren’t you glad you tuned in to discover what I’d finally decided to post about? More suburban whining. And here’s another lot….

During this time I had a blood test to check my oestrogen levels, and while that was happened I asked the nurse to add iron to the list. Oestrogen wasn’t bad and I have stopped taking extra. Iron? It was lucky I had it added on – my iron stores? Everyone sing together:

THREE is the magic number! THREE is the magic number!

Yes. My iron is stupid low. I was told that I would need an injection/infusion in a month if it didn’t improve. I have thus bought new thug-like iron tablets and this morning breakfasted on liver. Because apparently neither injections or infusions are the height of fun.

It has been hard to figure it all out – is my tiredness normal due to being woken throughout the night (another topic dear to my heart)? Is it due to lowish oestrogen? Is it because I’ve been sick? Or is it all just a result of low iron? Gah. I’m SICK of myself!! Gah to the DOUBLE gah.

I suppose this all occurred when I stopped noshing on liver regularly. OK. Stopped eating it at all ever. And started taking iron tablets recommended to me by a pharmacist. Who obviously didn’t know I was an iron vortex, because my current tablets are about one hundred times stronger than the one I was gaily throwing back every morning.

Guess what, Internet? Tomorrow I’m going to go swimming. For the first time in a m-o-n-t-h. And I have brand new, piercingly unsexy bathers to do my laps in. They are chlorine-proof and assure me they will not become sad transparencies after two months of use. You read it here.