unschool monday : patience is a virtue

This week we are SOCIALISING! After a week of sickness that stretched into the weekend, this week we have ONE day where our house will not be visited. It’s strange how it happens in a big lump all of a sudden, but we are more than happy to go with the flow.

Today we had Dylan and Axel to visit, as well as L, Small C and the Twins. We have made progress with Small Z on this. Now when I tell her that people are coming over, Small Z no longer freaks out and starts worrying about what other kids will do with her toys. Maybe she’s resigned. Maybe she’s evolved. But whatever it is, it is far less painful and I am thankful…

I always give her the opportunity to put away anything she doesn’t want other people to poke. This is because some of her creations (such as ‘Petal Soup’) can just look like mounds of multicoloured bits and bobs to the untutored eye and she can get upset if they are dumped out or used for something else.

Anyway, for someone that has been on the edge of melting down for the past three days, and super clingy, Small Z did pretty well. No, she didn’t want to take off all her clothes and dance nudie in the caravan, and she did object to stuff being moved out of her treehouse, but generally? It went better than expected. I think familiarity is breeding tolerance. We need to keep this up…

Three in the swing chair
[photo by dyl]

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  1. Love the photo she looks so happy.

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