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Sunday with scones

Small Z began today by suggesting that she was not going to remove her pyjamas. She was instead going to layer her fairy dress on top of them. I have learned not to fight this stuff – does it matter if she runs around in this ensemble all day? It does not. We put her tent on the porch…
Sunday morning on the porch

Later in the day (after visiting Bunnings and having Small Z stage a force three meltdown in the carpark) our lovely visitors arrived for afternoon tea. Small Z and I had baked a carrot cake. Mrs H and Jack crafted some scones from lemonade, cream and flour… we paired these butter and a pot of strong tea.
Mr H & Small DB

Jack – who is to turn TEN on Tuesday, drew this lovely portrait of our family. He is so spot on!

There is ‘Distressed Beth’, ‘Normal Daisy’, ‘Confounded Zoe’ and…of course ‘Mark!’
(The reason I am so distressed is that he so perfectly captured my eyebags…)


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  1. Love scones for afternoon tea. Must be time to make some soon I think!

  2. LOL at the drawing, the eye of an artist indeed.

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