Things I Know : 01

I’ve been meaning to do a Things I Know for ages. And here I go…

– working in the library instead of being squashed between the cot and the wall is something I should have done a long time ago. Blissfully free of interuptions too!

– Small Z never teethed. No matter what I said at the time, or thought, compared to Small DB, getting teeth did not exist. They were deposited into her mouth by silent tiny fairies…

– slowcooker dinners are a great relief at the end of the day.

– my neighbour is awesome. She has brought a cocktail to my door the last two Fridays. Bless her forever.

– sleep broken by a baby’s fever is easier to bear when you realise how fast she’s growing up 🙁

– having M giving me two full days to get my work done each week is both a luxury and a blight – takes time out of the boat build we can ill afford…

– European wasps on slides don’t mix well with three-year-olds

– and lastly, I know that I’d like to blog more, but have Kevin McCloud to salivate over on iView and my boss’s paper he’s asked me to research.


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  1. Where can I get me a neighbour like that!? I hear you, I’d be lost without my slow cooker. I’m going to remember this post when I’m awake tonight with a teething baby. Four really rough nights in a row this week…

  2. Kevin McCloud…iView…heaven!

  3. A neighbor who brings cocktails to your door??!! AWESOME 😀

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