I feel like I don’t have much learning to write about today. Last week I intended to rejoice in the weather and how we had spent almost all of Monday in the backyard. Small Z and I rolled numerous different things down the slide to see which one ended up the furthest away – the hula hoop!!

But then winter kind of came back for one last blast. So we have been painting, planting and drawing. I’ve been trying hard to think laterally of interesting things for her to do. I feel like I’m in a rut. I was digging around on the BBC School Radio website as I couldn’t figure out why their ‘Listen and Play‘ podcast wasn’t being updated. Took me ages to realise that in some parts of the world, kids have just been on their summer holidays…and so have the podcasts.

While I was there I saw the Stimulus Sounds Library – and I haven’t played it to her yet, but I know Small Z will love to sit with me and guess what each sound might be. Depending on how our days are going I sometimes like to leave her listening to a podcast while I’m getting Small DB to sleep – other days (like today) she is easily able to entertain herself – even if it takes me a good 25 minutes to achieve slumber…

I’m posting as part of Owlet’s unschool monday – and there will be more interesting posts than this one over there to have a look at!