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I’m not sure whether Small Z was so driven to investigate every single thing in her living space – high, low and otherwise. I was just as sleep deprived, but at least I wasn’t trying to keep track of her AND another small creature. I think it was my sole attention, and her being a somewhat less crazy baby, that generally allowed her to evolve unscathed.

On Saturday morning, just before I was about to go to the osteopath, I tried to get Small DB to sleep. And failed. I was sitting on the side of the big bed, with her behind me in the semi-darkness. It took a second. She climbed over the bolster and the side rail and dived headfirst on to the floor.

Thank god for the carpet. The noise of her hitting was so huge that I think M was running in before I even started shrieking. And then, thankfully, she did too. But I couldn’t get out of my head what I’d seen in that halflit room. Her little body just twisting as it fell a metre to the floor taking the full whack to her head.

I wasn’t sure which bit of her head had hit. I’d just grabbed her and started yelling at M to phone the ambulance. It sounds like an over-reaction, but it was the noise that really had me panicking. I was unsure whether to keep her still, but she solve that for me by wriggling around, so I just started to feed her to calm her down.

The ambos turned up about ten minutes later. M and I were pretty confident by then that she was OK, but I have done too many medical files to be blase about head injuries. I wanted someone who was trained to check her out. I was a shaking wreck. Small DB sat solemnly looking at the ambo-man who was looking at her.

I was thinking, “She’s tired – so that’s why she’s quiet.” “She’s never seen these people before, that’s why she’s not engaging.” And then she smiled when he tickled her foot. He looked at her pupils and the bump on her head. He said he wasn’t worried about her. And I started breathing again.

The lump on the side of her head, above the end of her eyebrow, just grew over the next hour. And kind of took over the whole front/side of her head. The very front of her forehead just went a different shape. But she remained in good spirits, if a bit clingy. M stayed home, made cups of tea and dismantled the bed frame. It is now on eBay and the mattress is on the floor.

I spent the rest of the day on edge. I haven’t been in so much shock since she was born in the car. But it seems this was just to prepare me for the next few months. Today she learnt to climb on to the couch herself (and no, she is nowhere near walking) and, while I was in the kitchen, she fell over near Small Z’s table. I don’t know what she did, but she now has the beginnings of a possible black eye.

Hello? WTF is going on here?! I think she’s got her pedal to the floor as far as her development is going – and this is also stuffing up her sleep. For the last two days she’s had one small sleep. All day. And that’s it. We went to a birthday party yesterday where there were three and four year old who still have lengthy afternoon naps. This is all from M’s side of the family. Someone find me a bottle of whiskey. I need it.


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  1. Oh, that sounds terrifying! Glad she’s ok!

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