Small Z watches Playschool on my computer via iView. But she has never really used it as a computer – just as a television really. So this past week she has been watching me type and, usually when I’m sending an email, she say;

“Type the letter Q mama!” or “Type V!!”

And I have to explain that then my email would not really make sense. She asked to do some typing herself, and I set her up in Scrivener – which is great, because the composition window is distraction free. I made the font big, the ‘paper’ wide and then I wrote down words that we both came up with so she could type them.

This meant she also learnt as she went along about the ‘return’ key, the ‘delete’ key, the spacebar and ‘caps lock’.
After she’d done it for a while we changed fonts, which she loved! I’m not sure who she looks like in this picture – but it doesn’t really look like her!!

Learning to type words

She is getting a bit better with the touchpad. I was thinking of getting a mouse for her to use, but I think she’ll pick up the touchpad with more practice – there’s plenty of time!

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