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After several occasions where my brain was obviously leaking out of my ears, my office manager said that she had taken things in hand. SoFrenchySoChic (her sworn enemy) was no longer going to be the one to send me files. Too many times had I been given work to do on a Thursday that had to be complete and posted by the end of that day or the next. Too. Much. Pressure.

So she spoke to the Boss. And he decided that HE would pick out the files I was to do. On my One. Day. A. Week. But looking at his choices? I think he assumes I work at LEAST two days a week and live to serve him with my typey typey fingers. Oh gosh.

In one way it is good, because I’m actually getting files for more than a week ahead, so I know what’s coming up. But on the other hand, I’m torn. When am I going to this done? We need the moola, but any time I need M to kid-wrangle, it’s time off the boat – which just nauseates me.

M has already spent a day and a half this week replacing the brake-pads and bearings on my car, which had begun to sound terminal. It saved us HEAPS of money – but it was more lost time. I’m so sick of this juggle.

The problem is – my files, once they get to me, has to be done. So if they send me three files (as they have) and I only get one and a half done because they are very dense – I have to do them at night or get M to stay home. Obviously I charge them by the hour…but still…

Of course I could stick Small Z in childcare – but 1). She doesn’t want to go, and 2). I’d still be left with Small DB – who won’t sleep at the best of times. I am not sure how to tackle this, but I’m trying to think laterally.

I’m musing on getting M to stay home for four days in a row (two weeks work for me) and then he’d be able to get in a solid week at the boat uninterrupted – and, more excitingly, I would have a week WITHOUT WORK!

As my one quest in life is to have a passive income and to never have to work for anyone, this appeals to me greatly (as does winning Powerball) and the Boss would never have to know. Am I whingeing hard enough here?


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  1. A passive income without having to work for anyone appeals to me greatly, too! Not without work, just only the work I actually want to do. Turns out to be… unlikely.

  2. beth

    So sad, isn’t it. I long for a Powerball win, or the sudden death of a previously unknown relative leaving me to inherit a bucketload of money. I dream….

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