Making it through today was Very. Difficult. Largely due to the fact that I had so little sleep last night that I was as near to the end of my tether as I have been for a considerable time. I had to get M to stay home an extra few hours this morning, for mental health reasons.

Small DB will no longer feed to sleep in the day times. For a few days in a row she slept for half an hour. Once a day. By last night (this is my humble theory) she was SO tired that she could not sleep. She wasn’t screaming, she was just a-w-a-k-e. We actually got up and I made toast and tea and watched some iView.

Did the fact that we got zero sleep stop her from waking at 6.30am? It did not. And that was when I delivered her to M. Small Z remains a little precarious – still snotty with a hoarse throat, she is battling on, but prone to tears.

Small DB spent most of the day demanding to be somewhere other than where she was. On the floor? She wanted to be held. In the pram? She wanted to be on the ground. Looking over the side of bridge? She wanted to be down there with the toadfish…and I was close to granting her that wish…

The new cool pram

She stopped screaming in the pram when I let her get down on the ground and sit on boards covered with chicken wire. Yes. You read it here. I have zero idea about that yoga pose though.

Small Z with Small DB caught in yoga pose

There were a billion toadfish swimming down with the tide, and also just hanging out in the mangroves. Cutely.

All the little fishies....
Over the bridge....

Small DB would not stay in the pram. Small Z kicked up a fuss when I asked her to get out of it. By the time we got to dinner, all of us were sitting at the table leaking a few tears. Small Z brightened up a little later and told me that, “One more vagina will be coming to live at our house actually. It will be on me. But on the back.” And I tipped over into hysteria when she added, “I think I’ll have one near my neck too. For gargling.”


The ghosts unite


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  1. Oh thankyou, thankyou, thankyou SO MUCH for this post. Right with you there on the edge, sigh…

    Here’s to some sleep for us tonight!

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