Yep. Five days. Five days without snot or fever or horror teething. Amazing while it lasted. Of course (she types bitterly) two days ago, we jumped right back into what appears to be the Smalls favourite vat of Wintery yuckfest when Small Z awoke with iridescent green snot. Obviously feeling left out, Small DB developed a fever later that afternoon.

Is it going to be like this for the next HOWEVER MANY YEARS? Is it because Small Z is of an age where she is actually regularly attending playgroup and kindergarten? Or is it just that their immune systems are both bottom of the range and fall over at the sight of a used up tissue?

For two nights in a row Small DB roamed the bed cheerfully at least every two hours, and on one occasion almost FOR two hours. Last night, thankfully, was slightly better. And I have taken up swimming again after two weeks off the job and my stamina is returning. Which is good, because she’s on sleep strike during the day. I was almost at the end of the line late this morning when my dad and Mgs arrived resplendent in my Humber.

They walked down to the cafe with me and the Smalls and the New Pram of Excitement. They bought us lunch. Small Z had her first ever chocolate milkshake. We played some soccer in the front garden. I made tea. Dad helped me make further adjustments to the dishwasher (which is just one of the things that I am fixated on persevering with at the moment).

Did you know that you can use a spanner on hose clamps, not just a straight edged screwdriver? I didn’t, until today, and got two more full turns out of them and stopped a bit of dripping. The Asko will triumph yet!! We were gifted eggs, home made biscuits and home grown limes and blackberries. And I felt remarkably improved by the time they left.

The other thing I’m fixated on? Oh. Just my boots. MY BOOTS. Yes – I was obsessed with buying boots with my birthday money, and I did. I couldn’t afford the ones I particularly pined for – and they really weren’t that practical for where I’m at: they did up with buckles, and the toe wasn’t the uber-round style that I hanker after.

I got a pair of Jim Barnier boots on eBay – only worn three times. They looked brand new. Sadly, they also felt brand new. Hand made brand new leather boots. In my size, but… Well. It’s my own fault. I was so excited when they arrived that I immediately wore them on a walk down the street.

I returned home, idiotically crippled, with blisters on both heels. This fact alone has been in the way of me ‘wearing them in’. So I have been using double socks. I have shoved potatoes cut to a precise size into them. I have jammed my hairbrush down into the heels. I. WILL. PREVAIL.

…and if I cannot wear them for any reasonable distance after increasingly desperate stretching attempts, I will sell them. I’ll give it two weeks. And I’ll probably make a loss, but it’s my own damn fault. My fixation has been assauged, to be replaced by dead eyed determination and aching feet.