Yesterday Small Z and I made a kite. We were inspired by a episode of Play School, where Big Ted goes kite flying. I looked outside and it was very windy. It took quite a bit of googling to come up with a non-daunting design that she and I could do together, but I found one at instructables.com. The instructions weren’t as straightforward as they could have been, but we muddled through.

Small Z coloured in our kite piece of paper before we made it, so it wasn’t just plain white. We took it down to the wide open spaces at the end of our street. It worked beautifully! And it was windy enough that it would stay up for quite a while, allowing Small Z to run along and fly it… Here’s a little video. Sorry about the wind noise. And I had Small DB in the sling and she’s chattering away…


Party Down


Five days of respite

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  1. Brilliant that you made your own and that it worked!

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